Wednesday 15 July 2020

General Responsibilities and Activities

  • Delegating staff teachers to foreign-based conferences and organizing external sabbaticals.
  • Delegating staff teachers to domestic conferences and organizing internal sabbaticals.
  • Publishing a bimonthly research newsletter.
  • Ranking and evaluating the research activities of staff teachers, including articles published in ISI, foreign-based journals, scientific-research journals, and scientific-developmental journals,  books (authored or translated), articles presented in workshops, dissertation-derived articles, scientific reports, and supervising student dissertations .  
  • Supervising the conferences convened at University .
  • Accepting research proposals from other universities and presenting research proposals to government agencies .
  • Referring students to other organizations for serving their apprenticeship, administering projects, and utilizing scientific. sources and facilities of such organizations and organizing field trips .
  • Signing research contracts with government agencies .
  • Supervising the administration of computer systems at IKIU .
  • Supporting and supervising small-scale research contracts signed between staff teachers and other organizations .
  • Submitting books authored or translated by staff teachers to referees both inside and outside IKIU .
  • Convening the sessions of the Research Council of IKIU .
  • Registering research records of staff teachers .
  • Having the books authored or translated by staff teachers published .
  • Having the books authored or translated by staff teachers marketed or sold .
  • Offering Xerox services to students and staff teachers.


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