Tuesday 16 September 2014

Members profile - Ali Reza Shokoohi

Birth day : 1966

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Email : shokoohi@eng.ikiu.ac.ir

Faculty : Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Department : Civil engineering

Grade : Associate professor

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 Dr. Ali Reza Shokoohi is a tenured Associate Professor at the department of water engineering, faculty of engineering and technology, Imam Khomeini International University, Iran. He received his B.Sc. degree in Irrigation and reclamation engineering in 1985 at Tehran University. Then, he started researching as a graduate student and received his M.Sc. degree in hydraulic structures in 1988 at Tehran University. After 7 years working as a lecturer at Shahroud Industrial University and also as a project manager in some consulting engineering companies, he continued his graduate studies and completed the Ph.D. training in 2001 in water resources engineering at Tehran University. Then, he moved to Qazvin International University and started teaching as an assistant professor. In 2008, he was promoted and since then as an associate professor has conducted many courses and thesis in hydraulics and hydrology. His special favorite is rainfall - runoff modeling in GIS environment, Flood and drought risk and crisis management, Environmental engineering and integrated river basin management. He has managed at least 20 nationwide river engineering projects. He has published 5 books in hydrology, irrigation and drainage engineering and also has published more than 80 papers in valid journals/conferences in water engineering related area