Seyed Ali Hosseini

Ph.D Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering- Control

sahosseini [at] eng . ikiu . ac . ir
Persian Version (فارسی)

Room 488, Electrical Engineering- Control, Faculty of Technical & Engineering, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

To be updated soon,  however you can find my publication list and research interests in the persian page:

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Documents and field of educations

Row Title and level of the course From Till Place of education Related file Related link
1 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Electronics 2006 2010 University of Tehran View Link
2 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Semiconductor Devicess 2010 2012 University of Tehran View Link
3 Ph.D. in Electrical engineering, Electronics, Semiconductor Devices 2012 2016 University of Tehran View Link

Teaching experiences

Row Tittle of teaching courses From Till Place of teaching Related file Related link
1 Electronics I 2012 now IKIU ---
2 Electronics II 2012 now IKIU ---
3 Electrical Circuits I 2012 2017 IKIU ---
4 Analog Filters and Electrical Networks Synthesis 2016 now IKIU ---
5 Digital Systems I 2016 now IKIU ---
6 Communication Systems I 2017 2019 IKIU ---
7 Electrical Engineering basics for Mechanical Engineering students 2017 2017 IKIU ---

Field of research

Row Title of interested research Minimum time Maximum time Needs Research plan file Related link
1 MEMS & NEMS 7 years 10 years ---
2 Nano-Electronics 7 years 10 years ---
3 Bio-Sensors 6 years 7 years ---

Published article

Row Article title Date of preparation Presenting date Publishing journal Related file Related link
1 Effects of different anionic dopants on the charge storage properties of binder less polypyrrole/vertically aligned carbon nanotube composites 2018 2018 Electrochimica Acta View Link
2 Microfluidic device for label-free quantitation and distinction of bladder cancer cells from the blood cells using micro machined silicon based electrical approach suitable in urinalysis assays 2017 2017 journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis View Link
3 Nanoelectromechanical Chip (NELMEC) Combination of Nanoelectronics and Microfluidics to Diagnose Epithelial and Mesenchymal Circulating Tumor Cells from Leukocytes 2016 2016 Small View Link
4 Monitoring the spreading stage of lung cells by silicon nanowire electrical cell impedance sensor for cancer detection purposes 2015 2015 Biosensors and Bioelectronics View Link
5 Formation of homogenous nanofibers using silicon microneedle 2012 2012 Microsystem Technologies View Link