Mohammad Soheil Ghobadi

Ph.D Assistant Professor Civil Engineering

msghobadi [at] eng . ikiu . ac . ir
Persian Version (فارسی)

Room 449, Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technical & Engineering, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

Documents and field of educations

Row Title and level of the course From Till Place of education Related file Related link
1 B. S. in Civil Engineering 1997 2001 University of Tehran ---
2 M. S. in Earthquake Engineering 2001 2003 University of Tehran ---
3 ph.D in Civil Engineering 2003 2008 University of Tehran ---

Field of research

Row Title of interested research Minimum time Maximum time Needs Research plan file Related link
1 seismic design, steel structures, mathematics ---

Published article

Row Article title Date of preparation Presenting date Publishing journal Related file Related link
1 Seismic Fragility Assessment of SMRFs with DF Connections Using Ground Motion Variability 2019 KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering View Link
2 Progressive collapse potential of different types of irregular buildings located in diverse seismic sites 2019 Heliyon View Link
3 In situ repair technique of infill masonry walls in steel frames damaged after an earthquake 2019 Engineering Structures View Link
4 Seismic demand assessment of code-designed continuity plate in panel zone 2018 Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering View Link
5 Probabilistic Seismic Assessment of SMFs with Drilled Flange Connections Subjected to Near-Field Ground Motions 2018 International Journal of Steel Structures View Link
6 Seismic evaluation and upgrading details of plate-reinforced moment-resisting connections 2018 JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH View Link
7 Seismic performance of retrofitted WFP connections joined to box column using ribs 2017 JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH View Link
8 Design methodology for inclined continuity plate of panel zone 2017 Thin-walled structures View Link
9 Research on the Behavior of the Steel Plated Shear Wall by 2013 Journal of Structures View Link
10 Seismic performance of ductile welded connections using T-stiffener 2009 JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH View Link
11 Cyclic response characteristics of retrofitted moment resisting connections 2009 JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH View Link

Undergraduate’s lessons

Row Title of Undergraduate’s lessons From Till Place of teaching Related file Related link
1 Mechanic of materials I View Link
2 Mechanic of materiel II View Link
3 Static View Link
4 Design of steel structures I View Link
5 Design of steel structures II View Link
6 Earthquake Engineering View Link
7 Welding technology and inspection View Link

Postgraduate’s lessons

Row Title of Postgraduate’s lessons From Till Place of teaching Related file Related link
1 Seismic design of structures View Link
2 Seismic design of industrial structures View Link
3 Advanced engineering mathematics View Link
4 Seismic retrofitting of structures View Link
5 Scientific writing and presentation View Link