Mohammad Sadegh Zahedi

Ph.D Associate Professor Islamic Philosophy and Cognition

mszahedi [at] gmail . com
Persian Version (فارسی)

Room 1333, Islamic Philosophy and Cognition, Faculty of Islamic Sciences and Researches, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran

Presented article to congress or conferences

Row Article title Date of preparation Presenting date Title of conference Related file Related link
1 Mystical Anthropology as a basis for Peace Education India 2012 Teacher Education for Peace and Harmony ---
2 Spirit and Matter, A graded reality not duality USA 2009 Science and Non-duality ---
3 The Concept of Paradis in Rumi's Thought Germany 2009 Roades to Paradise ---
4 God, Love and Self-Sacrifice in Rumi's Thought Norway 2008 Sacrifice ---
5 Islam and Modernity Canada 2007 The Future of Religion ---
6 Teaching Theology and its Modern Problems UK 2006 Theology and Religious Studies or Theology vs. Religious Studies ---
7 Philosophy; The Best way of Improving Rationality in Iranian Culture France 2006 Philosophy as an Educational Practice ---
8 Wnderment Silence and the Experience of the Sacred in Rumi's Thought Germany 2014 The Role of Emotions in Religious Experience ---