Persian Language Learning Centre'Educational Calender

Educational Calendar of Persian Language Learning Centre, 2020/2021
  Educational Event Date Notification
First Semester Commencing the Registration 2020/August/31 20 Units
End of registration  2020/September/25
Commencing the semester 2020/September/07
Proficiency Test  2020/September/30
End of Classes 2020/December/26
Commencing the Final Term Exams 2020/December/31
End of the  Final Term Exams 2021/January/16
Annocing the Scores 2021/January/25
Second Semester Commencing the Registration 2021/Jaunuary/25 20 Units
End of registration  2021/February/13
Commencing the semester 2021/February/01
Proficiency Test  2021/February/17
End of Classes 2021/June/04
Commencing the Final Term Exams 2021/June/10
End of the  Final Term Exams 2021/June/24
Annocing the Scores 2021/July/04
Summer term Commencing the Summer Term Registration 2021/July/04 At Last  6 Units
End of Registration  2021/July/16
Commencing the Summer Semester 2021/July/11
End of Classes 2021/August/20
Commencing the Final Term Exams 2021/August/26
End of the  Final Term Exams 2021/September/02
Announcing the Scores 2021/September/08
For learning Persian normally every student has to pass a general and specific semesters, each semester included 20 units. In Summer term students can have at last 6 Units (from units which couldn’t be passed).   
Applicant who wish to study at IKIU's Persian language learning center can start from semester one or two, but should apply and send their applications at least two month before starting the registration.
  • Tuesday, September 3, 2019
  • Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 11:55:38