IKIU's Technology Incubator and Entrepreneur Center

Incubators, help startups and early-stage companies to build their own business by providing them with the needed training and experience as well as Funding, office space and other prerequisites to run a business. If the academic incubators are successful, economic development and reduction in unemployment rate will be the expected outcome.
The Incubator of Imam Khomeini International University established in March 2012 which is when our first teams had launched their startups. Todays, active teams are working on the various fields including Domotics, pharmaceutical microfluidics, Animatronics, Mechanics, Electronics, ICT, Nano, Chemistry, etc.
The majority of these startups are formed by IKIU’s professors and students, our intention is to increase students' participation by working on the different policies and strategies in cooperation with the other university's departments.

Persian Website: http://roshd.ikiu.ac.ir/
Email: Roshd@pst.ikiu.ac.ir
Tel: +(98) 28 33901875-8
Fax: +(98) 28 33901879


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