Fees of study in Imam Khomeini International University

Fees of study in Imam Khomeini International University
For Non-Scholarship Non-Iranian Students In the academic year of 2018-2019
1-  The  training  tuition  of  the  university  should  be  paid  in  Euro;  for  the  students  that  pay  their  fees  in  Iran,  it  is counted to its equivalent to Rial according to the current rate of exchange.
2-  The  criterion  of  calculating  the  Rial  equivalent  for  Euro  is  the  rate  of  Euro  on  the  basis  of  the  current  rate  of exchange in the central bank of Iran that is available in the central bank web with this address: http://www.cbi.ir.
3-  Accepted students' training tuition  (fixed fees)  for the first semester when doing the primary enrollment should be deposited to one of the following accounts:
* Account number 5106793823 Bank Mellat, in the name of  "specific incomes of the Deputy of International Affairs in IKIU " for the applicants inside Iran.
* Account number 2150126218 Bank Tejarat, with swift code BTEJIRTHAQZN bank Tejarat, in the name of "specific incomes of the IKIU" for the applicants out of Iran.
Remark  1:  After  the  final  enrollment  and  entrance  to  the  university,  accepted  students  should  deposit  the  trai ning tuition of each semester into the proclaimed account numbers through the financial affairs office in their faculty.
4-  Students should pay the training fees considering their field of study and degree in each sem ester. 
5- Training fees increase 15% annually.
6- If the volunteer withdraw or doesn't attend in classes, training fees of Stud ents (type 3) is not refundable after the primary enrolment.
7- If the Ministry of higher education does not grand admission to applicants, 90% of the tuition is refundable.

The courses of physical education and Sports Sciences in Bachelor's Degree will begin in the second semester of the
academic year.

8- Educational and Utilities costs of the Persian Language Center: The  accepted  students  graduating  from  non-Iranian  centers  and  are  compelled  to  pass  the  courses  of  the  Persian language Center should pay the fees according to University Council Approval.

9- The university’s training tuition This  kind  of  fees  is  not  compulsory  and  the  students  should  pay  the  fees  in  each  semester, if they use these services.
Remark 3: Students willing to use utilities should refer to the Deputy of International Affairs to obtain a letter of introduction to the use of utilities after the final enrollment.
Remark 4: Bank account number for depositing fees will be proclaimed by the relevant units. Remark 5: Students can use the accommodation facilities in the dormitories.
Remark 6: All the non-Iranian students can use the self-service restaurant services by having their supply card.

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