The Housing Office of the University works hard to offer students a safe, healthy and pleasant living environment. The Housing Office constantly reviews and improves its management procedures and organizes a number of residential programs and activities that promote community spirit.
Housing services: IKIU centralized campus is fully equipped with essential student services. Several cafeterias serve healthy meals to students throughout the day. The cafeteria services are supplemented by to-go options and grocery store.
All international students are entitled to a place at one of IKIU dormitories. Currently the university has 16 halls of residence and can house up to 4000 students.

Usually, international students are introduced to the dormitory office after receiving final admonition letter by the IKIU’s Deputy in Student Affairs and the IKIU’s Persian Language Center Director. 
The IKIU offers two types of dormitories for its international students; the couples & family types and the single types for boys and girls. Both types are fully equipped and furnished. Indeed, the dormitories have common and individual facilities as follows:
Common facilities: Dormitories have TV lounges, study rooms, computer rooms, chapel, WLAN internet access, kitchen on each floor, separate W.C and a bathroom.
Individual facilities: The rooms are equipped with a bed, a wardrobe, a refrigerator, a table and a chair, and the provision of other personal belongings is entrusted to the students.


Restaurants and Canteens and Snack Bars, Almost every IKIU building offers a canteen to the staff and students. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared exclusively from fresh, high-quality products. Prices are designed for a student budget.



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