Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU) is located in Qavin Province

Imam Khomeini International university located in Qazvin, where is an ancient historical tourism city by 135 Kilo Meter far north vest of Tehran.

Qazvin’s location is on the main transitional connecting path in the country where is close to Iran capital and it has good vast of agricultural resources, that benefit from beautiful temperate weather, it surrounded by many industrial towns and plenty of higher education institutions system, which cause Qazvin to be one of the main educational, cultural, economic and strategic center in the country.

Imam Khomeimi Internatinal University is locted on North Vest of Qazvin 
Qazvin was a former capital of the Persian Empire under Safavids. It is a provincial capital today that has been an important cultural center throughout history.

Archeological findings in the Qazvin plain reveal urban agricultural settlements for at least nine millennia. This city geographically connects Tehran, Isfahan, and the Persian Gulf to the Caspian seacoast and Asia Minor, hence its strategic location throughout the ages, it contains several buildings from the Safavid era, dating to the period in which it was capital of Persia. Perhaps the most famous of the surviving edifices is the Chehelsotoon (Kolah Farangi) mansion, today a museum in central Qazvin.


Qazvin nowadays is known as calligraphy capital of Iran. The most famous calligrapher was Mir Emad Qazvini. It is said that calligraphy began to develop in Qazvin starting in the 11th and 12th centuries and later flourished in the Safavid era.

Qazvin's Souvenirs

Qazvin, like other provinces in the country with a variety of traditional dishes, some of which are special occasions and some also normally made during the year.
Sweets are popular in bread, rice, bread, peas, bread, sugar, nougat, nut bread, legged, thin bread, bread Chair, bread, tea, Atabak, Crown Prince Haji Karimi, screw baklava, baklava diamond bread tea, bread, sugar, chickpeas , baklava Qazvini three colors, which almost certainly will be a good souvenir Each.

Qazvin has three different climates including : -Mnatq Semi-arid and semi-tropical semi-arid areas Mtdlh Tasrdsyry Baaqlym dry and warm areas around two-thirds of pistachio orchards whose dry areas and warm temperate semi-arid areas of the city Buin third Z·hravyk outskirts of the city of Qazvin has been Tasrdsyry.
Acreage of 4000 hectares of pistachio in Qazvin province(Barvrvghyrbarvr) Tvlydpsth 2,500 is the amount of these 1000 tons are exported to Germany and the Persian Gulf states in terms of pistachio production in the country Grdd.astan Qazvin is the sixth Radaramy.
Qazvin because of having excellent pistachio green, omega-3 essential amino acids, especially the special quality aroma and flavor of the food industries in the world, is often used in baking ingredients.
Pistachio varieties native to the province identified Andbartndaz: Goat head- Qrmzpsth - Sfydpsth - sword - Grocery - Cal smiling - Badami




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