تصویر معاون آموزشی تصویر معاون پژوهشی تصویر معاون دانشجویی تصویر معاون فرهنگی تصویر معاون امور بین الملل تصویر معاون اداری و مالی تصویر مدیر عمرانی
Deputy of Educations & Planning Deputy of Research & Technology Deputy of Students Affairs Deputy of Cultural Affairs Deputy of International Affairs Deputy of Human Resources & Finance Deputy of Development


 Imam Khomeini International University, which is named after the sacred founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, is trying to train dedicated experts from different countries and nations, alongside promoting the development of higher education in Iran. It also endeavors to provide the required setting for development of research and innovation in Iran and transferring it to other countries, based on a global mission, alongside presenting new science and technology at an international level.
The presence of the president as the head of the board of trustees is one of the characteristics that make this university distinct among others in the country. In addition, this university is the only international university in Iran that educates non-Iranian students and it is always keen to have active communication with international organizations and institutes in the field of higher education, according to university's international mission and also in order to progress according to world standards of the day.
Considering the priorities and scientific needs of the country and providing competent human resources for different areas, Imam Khomeini International University pays special attention to practical and interdisciplinary majors especially at supplementary studies level; therefore, it has taken measures to design and establish new majors for the first time in the country. Such as:  Designing Power Plants Buildings and Complexes, A branch of Architectural Engineering at Ph.D. level and Future Studies at Ph.D.
  IKIU has had a huge role in admitting International students, and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has chosen the Persian Language Center as the only official academic center for teaching Persian Language to non-Iranian students in the country.

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