Admission in IKIU


Steps of Admission for Non-Iranian Students:
The first step is to submit your registration information to the Iranian Higher Education Ministry's Website(

To organize the educational and consular status of students at Universities and higher education institutes and also to facilitate and accelerate, giving consular services to applicants who wish to study in Islamic Republic of Iran, the following points are required:
1-    All none-Iranian students including new entries or elder students ( including admitted by the  country's holistic entry test, without test entry, admitted with scholarship and without scholarship)  are required from the date May 12/2018 to submit their information to the concentrated registration website for none –Iranian Students( and get the tracking code.
2-    From June 9/2018, any consular services to International students are subject to the submission of educational and residential informations to the mentioned website.
3-    None - Iranian applicants who got their degree from out of Iran and  wish to study in Islamic Republic of Iran are required to upload their educational documents with their Persian translated copy(certificates and scores which are confirmed by Iranian embassy or representative) to the mentioned website. 

 process of registration

  •     Entering to the Iranian Higher Education Ministry's Website(, department of Students Affairs
  •     Entering to the None Iranian students' registration port,
  •     Enter the complete needed information and uploading the residential and educational documents and receiving a tracking code.
  •     Email the received tracking code and University's Apllication form(get it from this site) and copies of your passport pages to us( 
  •     Getting the Receiving confirmation from University 


Notable points:
1- Documents of the volunteers will be received by the admission unit according to the schedule and after considering and assessing, the files that are complete will be considered in the Admission Council of the University.
2- After handling and considering the volunteers' files by the Council, list of the admitted students will be declared in the university website on the scheduled time.
3- Admitted students should refer to the admission unit on the scheduled time having all their original and certified educational and residential documents.
4- The admitted students who have completed their initial registration and have recorded their information on the online system of students of the Ministry of Science at:, their
documents will be sent to the Ministry of Science to be confirmed.
5- When the Ministry confirms and accepts the documents, the students will be announced to get their student visa with the letter of introduction from university.
6- Accepted students not living in Iran will be presented to the consul affairs of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with their primary acceptance letter to get their visas; after the visa is issued, they get it from the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in their country and come to Iran to register.
7- Accepted students living in Iran and having student passport are presented to the consul affairs of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with their primary acceptance letter to transfer their student visa from their previous university to the current one.
Remark 1: the accepted student is responsible for following all the steps of the whole consul affairs for getting the student visa; if they don't do so and in result cannot register on time, no excuse will be accepted.
Remark 2: The primary acceptance doesn’t mean the final enrollment and doesn’t give any right to volunteers to educate in the university.
Remark 3: The accepted student should refer to the consul affairs of supervising the non-Iranian students after getting the student visa immediately, in order to do all the necessary affairs of the
educational residency.
Remark 4: Non-Iranian students should obey the educational, cultural rules and regulations of the Iranian students after the final registration.
Remark 5: The educational years of the accepted students are considered and counted exactly since the final time of enrollment.
Remark 6: Presenting the original and certified documents at the time of the final enrollment is necessary.

IKIU's Address to email your documents:
In case of having questions you can email or contact us by:
Phone number: +98-028-33901547




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