Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

This faculty consist of:

Architectural engineering
The society needs a suitable space for life and communication; shaping such a space is the province architectural engineering. The experts in this field should combine their knowledge of building materials with their artistic intuition in light of religious, social, and economic issues to harmonize the constituent elements in the space.
Urban development engineering
Traditionally, human beings have been facing many difficulties in their efforts to find a proper shelter. Thus, they have tried to make themselves a strong, comfortable, and attractive place.
Graduates will be able to impart knowledge about and build skill at urban development.

Conservation of Architectural Heritage
The maintenance of historically important monuments, including buildings, columns, statues, etc., especially in a country with a rich cultural heritage —with more than one million monuments— requires specialists equipped with the ability to maintain, repair, and reconstruct monuments of historical interest. The aim of this course of study, which began in 2004, is to train such specialists.

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