About IKIU

Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU) was founded in 1991 as a non-profit state university in Qazvin, Iran. IKIU is the only university, which is legislated by our legislative assembly as an International university that cause it to be unique in the country.

IKIU's Gate

Since its establishment, IKIU has become one of the leading universities in Iran, distinguished by notable contributions to the elevation of education, knowledge and service both domestically and beyond, also IKIU has been making major contributions in different sciences and educations, not only in Iran but also in the region. With an international student body, instruction in both English and Persian, and a commitment to multiculturalism, IKIU provides a dynamic learning environment for students, teachers and researchers.

Imam Khomeini International University is one of the largest higher educational institutions in Iran bringing together fundamental education and innovative approach towards the challenges of modern times.

Currently the university is home to over 8500 students from 30 countries of the world and more than 600 faculty members including the top-notch global experts in the spheres of humanity, engineering and social sciences. Our 7 Institutes offer about 150 Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programs in basic sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, economics and management taught in Persian and English.

IKIU is home of the world's top scholars, researchers and experts in diverse fields. We pride ourselves in providing high quality programs that attract individuals who wish to be globally competitive. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in infrastructure and facilities to offer our students the best experience in quality academic programs under a nurturing environment in which our students learn and grow.

IKIU has 7 faculties; Islamic Sciences and Researches, Literature and Humanities, Social Sciences, Basic Sciences, Agricultural and Natural resources, Technology and Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism and also 2 research and educational centers, titled Persian Language Center and Future Studies Center at which over 7000 Iranian and 1500 non-Iranian students study in language learning, graduate, post-graduate and PhD courses.

Outstanding Features of IKIU

  • Located in an Industrial and agricultural province
  • Located in the historical and culturally dominant city of Qazvin
  • The only university to have the privilege of having The IRI President as its chairman of the board of trustees
  • The only officially approved international university to teach Persian Language to non-speakers in Iran
  • The largest & most well-equipped center for teaching Persian in Iran
  • Having taught Persian Language successfully to more than 7,750 non-speakers from over 120 countries
  • Establishing the first research center for Future Studies in the Middle-East
  • The first academic institute to develop and offer interdisciplinary courses in the Middle-East
  • Containing 180,000 square meters of built space and 230,000 square meters of green space
  • Having the capacity to accommodate up to 3,000 students at the campus dormitories
  • Having advanced education and training equipment
  • Having more than 75 laboratories, research fields and ateliers 

The University's aspiration is to become a world-class university in the Middle East committed to the complex and sustainable development of research and teaching.
IKIU aims to establish itself as a Pioneer Research Institution achieving International Scientific Recognition in region Higher Education, offering Competitive Programmes and to become a Centre of Excellence in the wider neighboring and Asian Region.





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