Acquiring the Certificate for Three University's Knowledge Based Products

Three products from the companies located in Imam Khomeini International University's Technology Incubator and Entrepreneur center succeeded in obtaining type one and type two basic knowledge certificates

The Rotor Stator Homogenizer is one of these products that has been awarded a Type 1 Basic Knowledge Certificate, and this device is used to homogenize materials in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. This device with a rotation speed of about 24,000 rpm along with magnetic coupling can easily perform homogenization operations in corrosive and high temperature environments.


In addition, the 40 kW induction heater with flexible cable is another device that has obtained a type 2 basic knowledge certificate. This device is used to remove large steel rings and large bearings in the country's heavy industries such as steel industries. These parts are assembled in the form of shearing fit in heavy industries, and for their repair and disassembly, an induction heater is used. The basis of this device is that by creating a magnetic field on the part, its temperature increases before transferring the heat to other parts and causes the parts to separate from each other.

The device for measuring the resistance of drinking water pipes resistant to chlorine destruction is another product that has obtained a type 2 basic knowledge certificate. This device is designed and built to estimate the useful life of polyethylene pipes, which is based on international chlorine concentration standards, the temperature and fluid flow rate change so that the useful life of the pipe is estimated from the test results. All parts of this device are resistant to chemical corrosion.


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